Affordable Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery in Iran 2020

Types of Plastic Surgery in IranCost in Iran
Cost of rhinoplasty1200 $
Cost of Abdominoplasty Surgery1400 $
Liposuction of the abdomen and rib and fat injection into the buttocks1900 $
The cost of breast lift in Iran1300 $
The cost of breast implants in Iran1800 $
The cost of facial fat injection700 $
Cost of eyelid surgery600 $
The cost of lifting the buttocks1200 $
Brazilian Butt Lift in Iran1200 $
The cost of lifting the forehead in Iran1000 $-1800 $
The cost of sculpting each area of ​​the body900 $
Arm lift in Iran1600 $
Otoplasty surgery in Iran1200 $
The cost of eyebrow lift in Iran800 $
central lip lift in Iran800 $
The cost of one-way hair transplant600 $
The cost of hair transplantation in a complex manner700 $
The cost of transplanting hair in a vehicle over a vehicle800 $
The cost of eyebrow transplantation with long hair transplant technique600 $
The cost of beard transplantation in Iran800 $
The cost of flip-flop750 $
The cost of the operation Hifu in Iran500 $
The cost of laser skin rejuvenation400 $
The cost of planting per600 $
Cost of Chest Plastic Surgery in Iran1400 $
The cost of implanting an artificial body in the buttocks1800 $
The cost of Cheek prosthesisin Iran1000 $
The cost of Chin prosthesis in Iran1000 $
Dimple Creation Surgery in Iran500 $

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