Pars Hospital

Tehran Pars Hospital has more than half a century of experience in the field of diagnosis and treatment in 1959.
The hospital seeks to provide better, healthier and healthier lives for service recipients by employing specialized and experienced medical teams and using state-of-the-art medical equipment and technology. By creating specialized and specialized departments, the hospital has provided the complete chain of treatment to the highest international standards with the aim of meeting the needs of patients.
Pars Hospital is one of the most successful medical centers in gaining confidence and trust in public opinion and providing high quality service, especially among the executive agencies of the country:
Best Center for Diagnosis and Treatment of Gynecological Diseases at a Zero Percentage of Maternal Death Over the Past 25 Years
The best treatment centers for brain diseases and the use of brain electrodes for the first time in the country
The best treatment center for spine and orthopedic diseases
Competitive center in abdominal and cosmetic surgery
Epilepsy Patient Monitoring and Treatment Unit (EMU)
The most complete center for the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease, angiography and surgery, the only medical center equipped with hybrid
angiography and the possibility of using two separate lip coats to serve patients simultaneously
The country's most modern radiotherapy and chemotherapy unit with two accelerators
The best imaging center (MRI) with unique equipment in the country using two Tesla Multi Slice CT and MRI 1.5 scans
The laboratory is equipped with the latest diagnostic technology that collaborates with the German Wagner Center, which enables patients to perform special tests in Europe in Iran and access the results electronically in the shortest possible time.
The leading private hospital in elite recruitment for educational, research and medical activities in the country to treat patients

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