In the era of globalization, medical tourism has become a significant phenomenon and developed into a national industry in more than 50 countries. Driven by marketplace forces, it involves a constantly growing number of patients who seek non-emergency medical treatment and surgery outside their country of residence, often in collaboration with the tourism industry
Medical travelers are driven by the lower costs, favorable exchange rates and shorter waiting lists offered by destination countries, in combination with high-quality hospital services and the added allure of resting during and after the treatment in attractive holiday resorts. Mainly limited to cosmetic surgery and dental procedures in earlier decades, the medical tourism industry has gradually expanded to nearly all medical specialties, including ophthalmology
Technologically, the health industry is the most advanced industry in the world, especially in ophthalmology. It is supported by a great amount of investigations and by huge investments, which are ethical because they are aimed at reducing suffering and disability and at prolonging life expectancy
Medical tourism offers, enormous opportunities and great perspectives because the demand for health is unlimited and is growing with the longer life expectancy
Services We Offer
Cataract Surgery
Comprehensive Ophthalmology
Cornea & External Disease
Refractive Surgery
Uveitispediatric eye surgery

Ophtamology- sama medical tourism

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