A cancer diagnosis can be a traumatic experience for anyone, but it doesn’t have to be a death sentence. Recent advances in medical technology have allowed for many types of cancer to be reduced or eliminated entirely. But the cutting edge of medical treatment is not always available to everyone because of necessary bureaucratic approvals that need to be obtained before a treatment can be performed beyond the experimental stage. Oncology tourism or cancer treatment tourism has become a very popular choice for many cancer sufferers as it offers them treatment options that may not yet be available or legal in their home country. Iran is known for being the cheapest country with up-to-date oncology methods

Common Types of Oncology Tourism Treatment

Radiation Therapy – utilizes radiation to destroy cancerous cells
Medical Oncology – general care and treatment as well as regular checkups
Surgical Oncology – biopsy of tumors and other surgeries associated with cancer treatment
Chemotherapy – uses pharmaceuticals to eliminate cancer cells
Targeted Therapy or Proton Therapy – blocks cell growth and spread of cancer
Immunotherapy – reinforces natural immunity and cell function

The Growing Trend of Oncology Tourism

Oncology treatment can be extremely expensive, which is one reason why people choose oncology tourism. Some treatment cycles can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in the United States and other countries but those same treatments can be much cheaper depending on where they are performed for example in Iran. It is also common for some of the latest treatments to be unavailable in other countries, pending FDA approval. When it comes to cancer treatment, waiting is just not an option for some people. That’s why oncology tourism is a great choice for those patients who wish to undergo more experimental or newer treatments that may not be available yet in their home country


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