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Rhinoplasty in Iran

Nose Surgery(Rhinoplasty) in Iran

The procedure of Rhinoplasty (reconstructive nose surgery) is primarily done to enhance the shape of the nose, or reshaping of the nose tip and also to narrow down the nostril spans. A surgeon corrects congenital deformities, intranasal drug abuse, bent dorsum, and also works to correct the prior failed rhinoplasty surgery which needs restoration of form and nasal appearance. People with respiratory impediment, congenital defect or any other form of nasal trauma can also opt for rhinoplasty surgery. This surgery is performed to give a perfect nose which gives a more beautiful appearance to the face. More and more people are opting for this surgery for a perfect nose.
Rhinoplasty surgery (nose surgery), is also referred as ‘nose reshaping’ or a ‘nose job’. With the help of rhinoplasty, the overall look and appearance of the nose can be improved. Rhinoplasty can also help in curing breathing problems of the nose.
Aspects of Rhinoplasty
Dorsal hump reduction
Breathing difficulties like deviated septum
Tip of the nose ( Bulbous tip, Boxy Tip and Droopy Tip )

Who Should Consider Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery)?

Candidates who are non-smokers
Candidates who are physically healthy
Candidates who aspire for realistic goals
Candidates whose facial growth is complete and are about 13 years of age or older
Rhinoplasty Techniques
Revision Rhinoplasty
Nose tip Rhinoplasty
Augmentation Rhinoplasty
Reduction Rhinoplasty
Hump Nose Reduction
Alar Plasty/ Alar reduction
Post Cleft Lip Nasal Deformity
Deviated deformed Nose/ Corrective Rhinoplasty
Cosmetic Nose Surgery
Open surgery and closed surgery are two options available for performing the Rhinoplasty surgery. In closed surgery (intranasal), the surgeon makes the incisions from within the nose and in open surgery, the two incisions are made from the nostril partition ( columella).
Reconstructive Nose Surgery : This surgery is done to correct any defect or to restore the nasal functions.
The open rhinoplasty surgery takes more time as compared to closed rhinoplasty surgery.

Procedure of Rhinoplasty Surgery

The surgery is performed under local or general anesthesia. During the surgery, the first step is to make incisions to examine the bones and cartilage that holds the nose. The tissue is also sometimes added in order to get the desired result. For this, many times bone and cartilage can be removed. After the bone and cartilage is arranged again, the tissue and the skin draped again over the structure of the nose. To hold the new shape of the nose, a splint is placed on the outer side of the nose when it heals. Additional support is also provided by placing nasal packing from the inside of the nose.

Recovery from Rhinoplasty

The recovery may take few weeks to heal completely. The surgeon prescribes medication such as antibiotics, analgesics and steroids to aid wound healing. The external cast can be removed after a week.

After Rhinoplasty Surgery

A proper nose size proportionate to other facial features
Can treat large, upturned or wide nostrils
Can improve the nose width at the bridge
Can improve the nose profile having visible humps on the bridge
Can improve nasal asymmetry and its deviation
Can improve the shape of the nasal tip or upturned tip
Cost of Rhinoplasty Surgery
The best part of getting a rhinoplasty cosmetic surgery in Iran, is that it is much less as compared to any other western countries. Low cost treatment in Iran does not affect the quality standard of the treatment, as Iran has best and latest medical facilities in the world.


Ques: What is Rhinoplasty procedure?
Ans:Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure which change the shape of nose, it is also known as nose job. This procedure can be performed for both functional reason and cosmetic reason. With this procedure nose can be made short, reduce in size or can be slimmer.

Ques: What will be the perfect age to undergo this procedure?
Ans:Mostly nose surgery should be delayed till a child complete 90 percent growth of his or her nose, which should be 13 years for girls and 15 years for boys. Reshaping of nose is most demanded by teens but this procedure can be performed at any age for the people who have any medical condition and sensitive measures to be a candidate for this surgery.

Ques: Will I have too much swelling and bruising after this procedure? Can I do something to stop it?
Ans: After this procedure, swelling is rare but maybe patient can have bruising, which depends on the type of procedure. A patient need approx. 10 days to reduce bruising. Swelling will take few weeks to reduce. The best way to relief from this is, uplifting your head while sleeping or resting, use ice packs, use of medications and supplements etc.

Ques: What to do if my nose blows?
Ans:You should be very careful for this – your nose should not blow for at least 1 week from the day of your procedure, this is being discussed with your doctor.
Ques: Will I have Nasal Drainage after procedure?
Ans:Yes, you will have some nasal drainage in starting days of your procedure. But if you feel some bleeding you should speak to your doctor for this concern.

Ques: Will I be feeling pain during Rhinoplasty?
Ans: During the operation anesthesia will be used either local or general. Patients usually mentioned some pain after procedure because of swelling in nose. Doctor prescribe pain killer medicines to reduce the pain.

Ques: What will be the recovery time after this procedure? Ans: There is a special bandage for nose, which supports new shape of nose till 7 days after procedure. After the removal of bandage, nose will slightly swell for approx. 4 to 6 weeks, this swelling will not noticeable after 2 weeks. Patient can also see some discoloration around eyes for 5 to 10 days, you can conceal your eyes with light make up after 7 days of your procedure. Few patients take off from their work for one week.

Ques: Will my breath improve with this procedure?
Ans: Few patients have an obstructive deviation of wall which separates two sides of nose, is known as the septum which makes breath challenging. Septoplasty is a procedure which can be performed with Rhinoplasty to remove obstruction from nose. If you have this kind of problem you can discuss the same with your doctor.

Ques: Is there any risk in Rhinoplasty?
Ans: It is common in people to have a large nose or small nose and some with receded chins. This procedure reduces the size of the nose to bring it in proper shape. Along with reducing the nose, a small procedure can also be done which helps to shape the chin properly while balancing the face. The procedure is known as chin augmentation which can be easily done with a small incision. Healing time is also very less as compared to Rhinoplasty.

Ques: Do I need any touch-ups in future?
Ans: Generally, touch-ups are not required after this procedure.
Ques: When can I start my sports activities?
Ans: For first month sports are not permitted. Sports which can occur any risk of injury and trauma should not start without asking your doctor.

Ques: Which other techniques you can use to improve appearance of my nose?
Ans: It is common in people some have large nose and some have small, rather receded chins. This produces change the importance of the nose. With reducing nose, a small procedure can also be done which helps to enlarge chin, while balancing face. This procedure is known as chin augmentation which can be easily done with small incision. Healing time is also very less as comparison to Rhinoplasty.

Ques: Do I need an attendant with me?
Ans: Yes you should bring one attendant with you, because you need a care for at least first 24 hours.

Ques: Can I go for other procedures with Rhinoplasty?
Ans: Yes, you can discuss the same with your doctor, and if it is safe he can do few procedures for your body and face.

Ques: How I should prepare for Rhinoplasty?
Ans: Doctor is going to give you a list of instructions which includes using ice packs, take medication as well as bleed stopping thinners.

Ques: When will I see my results?
Ans: There will be some swelling for many weeks after Rhinoplasty procedure. It will take approximately a year to see final results.

Ques: What the approximate cost for treatment and how I can get an appointment?
Ans: To know about this treatment cost and appointment, kindly contact on below details:
E mail: info@samamedtour.com
Mobile/Whatsapp: +989123729278

Rhinoplasty is the most popular cosmetic surgery in Iran. Iran is known as the ‘nose job capital of the world’ because of the high rate of the procedure. NOSE SURGERY PRICES

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