Moheb Mehr Hospital

The hospital began operating in the VIP ward with four special beds in late 2004. But after a while due to the high quality of services provided at the center and the low cost compared to other private centers, many patients were interested in spending their time at the center.
Using experienced university professors on the one hand and managing private sector hotel services on the other hand has been an effective step in patient satisfaction. In June 2008, the picket of the hospital building was dropped to about 1200 square meters on the ground. The construction of the center exclusively took place over a six-month period with the investment of the Moheb Mehr Institute, using unprecedented banking facilities.
Moheb Mehr Nonprofit with the knowledge that the healthcare system is in crisis with the management of services despite the use of very high scientific and research potential, so that desirable services are subject to high costs and low-income patients are able to Not using quality services, he has invented a new style in the field of health care management so that he can practice his motto, optimal treatment for all inclusive practice.

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