Reduce travel restrictions in 87 destinations around the world
September 6, 2020
Brain Tumors Surgery in Iran
October 17, 2020

As hospitals and clinics around the world begin to reopen their medical travel programs or increase operations, they must earn patients’ trust if they expect them to travel again. During or post COVID-19, patients have one overarching question: what are you doing to keep me safe during travel and treatment?

‍ Join us on a Free webinar as we look at each touch point on the medical travel care continuum and review recommended protocols to reduce COVID-19 risks based on GHA’s recently issued COVID-19 Guidelines for Medical Travel Programs. At a dynamic time, with surges and new findings still evolving, the guidelines are designed to assist medical travel programs to keep current with new developments as they operate within a ‘new normal’, with a philosophy of risk mitigation along the entire medical travel care continuum, including pre-arrival, travel, accommodations, admission and treatment, discharge and follow up home.

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