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March 13, 2020
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March 17, 2020
A group of surgical procedures are said to be aimed at altering or modifying the shape of the breast. General surgical procedures of mammoplasty are divided into two main groups:
1. Reinforcement (Augmentation mammoplasty): The purpose of such surgery is to enlarge the size of the breast. To do this, use the prostheses with Different shape and size can be used. Breast prostheses usually have silicon wall and are filled by silicon or saline. The prosthesis place with a small incision is performed under the breast or around the nipple halo.
2. Subtractive mammoplasty (Reduction mammoplasty): This action is aimed at treatment in people due to the large size of breast with discomfort such as neck pain or The shoulders are either applicable as a cosmetic act. In this surgery some fat tissue and glandular tissues of breast is removed and the breast again is formed.

Other breast aesthetic surgeries included:

Mastopexy : Treatment of breast sagging. This surgery is to improve the shape of breast in women who are after pregnancy or with increasing age Ptosis of the breast have been performed. Often in this way, the size and size of the breast does not change considerably, although based on the demand of individuals can also make changes to the breast volume.
Mamoplasty (Breast reconstruction): It can be performed In patients who have already been removed their breast, before in another surgery. Also in cases of defect or congenital lack of breast (e.g. in Poeland disease) or a defect caused by the previous burn in the chest wall.
For reconstruction can be use of natural tissues The patient's own body or breast implants. Of course, this reconstruction of breast is lack of the natural sense of nipples and lack of breastfeeding strength but its appearance form is much like natural breast.

Gynecomastia: a disproportionate magnitude of breast size in men, which is more common in the form of appearance, causes discomfort. Although different causes There is a need for this, but in cases where only the bad appearance aspect needs to be corrected, you can perform liposuction alone or with surgery, this Fixed the problem. The surgery of the implant is different in women and other techniques are used.

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