Jam Hospital

Construction work on the hospital was completed in 1970, and the Jam Hospital with a 9,000-square-foot facility, 128 inpatient beds, 3 state-of-the-art operating rooms, and the most advanced radiology and cardiology equipment was commissioned in 1971.
Following the efforts of the late Dr. Sadegh Nezami Mafi, Jam Hospital was the first private hospital in Tehran equipped with a radioisotope device, which made it possible to examine thyroid diseases that were very common in Iran.
Shortly thereafter, a number of physicians in Tehran joined the core of Jam Hospital, and in the early 1950s a group of physicians specializing in Jam equipped hospitals began to operate.
Today, for nearly half a century, doctors and the medical team at Jam Hospital have been patient in following the founders of the hospital and adhering to the noble character of those nobles.
Jam Specialty Hospital, a pioneer in the private sector of the health system, seeks to capitalize on patient safety, continuous quality improvement and customer loyalty, health care, diagnostics, health care and rehabilitation, utilizing skilled human capital and modern technology. Provide social responsibility to promote community health at the country and region level

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