ENT (Ear, Nose Throat ) Treatment Cost in Iran
August 11, 2020
August 27, 2020

Testing and Screening

Everyone is screened before entering any of our care facilities. Anyone admitted as an inpatient, or who is having a surgery or procedure, will be tested in advance for COVID-19. Anyone testing positive is isolated safely from other patients, or we postpone their surgery or procedure for later. We also screen every staff member, every day.

Masks and Protective Equipment

Masks prevent the spread of COVID-19. Everyone wears a mask when they enter our facility. (Kids under 2 are offered a mask, but it is not required.) The care team is fully protected with protective equipment.


We frequently and thoroughly clean and disinfect surfaces throughout all of our medical offices, waiting rooms, operating and procedure rooms, clinics and patient areas. We also clean exam, operating and procedure rooms after each patient. And, we wash our hands frequently — and have lots of hand sanitizer available for you, too.

Physical Distancing

We've redesigned our patient areas to ensure physical distancing, which protects you, other patients and our staff. For now, we’re not allowing visitors into care facilities, except under very limited circumstances. Be sure to read our visitor policy before you come. We will return to our patient-centered visitor policies as soon as possible.

It’s safe to come to Samamedtour for health care.

Teaming up with our in-house, world-class experts in infectious disease, our dedicated care teams are using the best practices to keep our hospitals and clinics safe for your visit. We are here and ready to care for you.

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