A new cancer treatment called "cytoreduction"

Cytoreduction with HIPEC | Mesothelioma Treatment in Iran / Tehran In the past few years, a new cancer treatment called "cytoreduction" cytoreduction has been introduced to treatment in the United States, along with warm intra-abdominal chemotherapy, also called Hi-pec, which began operating in the United States in the 1990s. It has become more and more popular all over the world.
The treatment had been in Iran about three years ago, adding: in cytoreduction surgery, which is often used in mesothelioma of the ovary and abdomen, appendicitis, stomach cancers, and colon and rectum during surgery. Every hour with an abdominal incision from the lower abdomen to the lower region, all visible tumor cells inside the abdomen are surgically removed, then operated with a Hipec HIPC at 43 ° C for 90 minutes with chemotherapy for the warm abdominal cavity. Cellular healing treatment with HIPEC has improved hapec for many cancer patients: people with ovarian cancer cells, appendix, mesothelioma, and mesothelioma, if cancer cells only spread inside the abdomen and metastases involved outside if we do not have an abdomen to undergo surgery easily.
Patients without chemotherapy or radiotherapy can be a candidate for this surgery, In more than 5% of patients after 5 years of age with HIPEC they will enjoy.
"In the treatment of Hipec, heat will increase the effectiveness of chemotherapy drugs and have a lethal effect on cancer cells and kill these cells." In this treatment systemic chemotherapy has not been performed and it is done inside the abdominal cavity, In the Hipec method, a high dose of chemotherapy is about 5 times the usual chemotherapy dose for a patient. Without systemic effects and effects on the liver and other organs.
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