Gandhi Hospital

The Gandhi Hospital Hotel was established as the largest and most equipped private medical center in the country and the Middle East with the aim of providing diagnostic and therapeutic services and at the same time attracting health tourists by a team of Iranian specialized practitioners at home and abroad in year 6. It is worth noting that Gandhi Hospital Hotel operates according to the new world standards in the field of health and hospitality and is classified as first class private hospitals.
The Gandhi Hospital Hotel, covering an area of over 32000 square meters, consists of a 17-storey,21-storey hospital complex with100 beds, 17 operating rooms and100 accommodation suites to accommodate patients or their companions.
At the Gandhi Hospital Hotel, the comfort and well-being of patients and their companions during treatment is very important as we believe that focusing on the treatment process and eliminating other patients' concerns will play an important role in improving them as quickly as possible. Therefore, the quality of services provided to patients and their peers is the highest priority

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