Ebnesina Hospital

Ebnesina Medical Group Company was founded in 1992 on the basis of the successful therapeutic activities of its founders. This hospital today, with the help of qualified doctors, dedicated nurses and compassionate staff, has provided patients with the confidence to care for Ebnesina's large family in difficult moments of illness. Visit this center.
Special features of the hospital
• The presence of experienced physicians and dedicated staff
• Offering new medical services internationally using the latest equipment in the world
• Providing paraclinical day-to-day services in a well-functioning laboratory and medical imaging center.
• Providing the best and most varied food menu to patients compared to other private hospitals in the country
• Contracting with manufacturing, industrial and service organizations and companies
• Contracted with more than 30 complementary treatment companies and organizations and organizations
• GMP certified and contracted by European insurers such as Alliance, Vanbrada
• Nursing Volcano Force to honor patients and their companions from admission to discharge and to address needs, requests and complaints
• Obtain a "top notch" in national accreditation of hospitals across the country

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