Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation surgery is one of the best ways that can give a good or larger breast. There are various types of prosthesis of different sizes available on the market that are used by the surgeon and the individual
Breast enlargement or breast prosthesis is one of the most widely used cosmetic surgeries for breast augmentation. Generally, two types of prostheses are performed, including silicone gel and salt filled. Prostheses are also available in different shapes and sizes upon request
Breast enlargement is performed under complete anesthesia, although some surgeons use topical anesthesia with painkillers to induce drowsiness. They make a small incision in the area below the breast, around the arula (nipple area) or under the armpit to place the prosthesis. Prostheses can be placed between the breast tissue and the pectoral muscle (below the glands) or behind the muscle. Most people can return to their normal lives after a few days after surgery
Breast prosthesis surgery to increase breast size is a completely personal choice that anyone can make their own decision on their own. You probably look younger and healthier with larger breasts, and you can maintain that confidence with long-term breast surgery. But surgery may be a little tricky because of the need for follow-up and the possibility of relocation or replacement
However, this surgery, like other surgeries, requires an initial condition that can be a good candidate. Requirements are
One has to be physically healthy
Have realistic expectations of your breast surgery results
The reason a person should wear surgery should be reasonable and really unhappy with the size of their breasts
Not worried about postpartum breast deformity or volume change after weight loss or aging
The breasts are asymmetric and hollow
The best candidates for breast augmentation surgery are women who are physically and mentally healthy and have realistic expectations of the results of their breast surgery. Typically, breast implants of one or both breasts resize equally and symmetrically. To make better decisions, some physicians with post-operative breast augmentation software are more familiar with their post-operative reality to make it easier to gauge their expectations with possible outcomes

Who are the right people for this surgery ?

All women of all ages benefit from this practice. These people are divided into 4 categories
People who have not had enough bilateral or unilateral breast tissue growths are small breasts and the person is not satisfied with their breast size
People who have had severe weight loss after childbirth have become small and loose
Those who have asymmetry, size differences and shape differences between the two breasts
People who have had one or both breast cancers removed
The result is: Breasts are stiffer, larger and more formative. Depending on the surgical procedure, the breasts may sometimes have to wait a few months. Any retouching or repositioning of the breasts is possible a year later

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