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Best Prices for Abdominoplasty in Iran

Abdominoplasty in Iran

Flat and firm tummy is worth being craved for. When sit-ups and diet do not have an effect you hope for,

High-profile Tummy Tuck Surgery Abroad: Best Prices for Abdominoplasty in Iran

Flat and firm tummy is worth being craved for. When sit-ups and diet do not have an effect you hope for, abdominoplasty steps in to make the changes happen. Modern clinic grants the best prices for tummy tuck abroad, ensuring perfect European service and outstanding results. Best plastic surgeons will make your dream come true and change the quality of life forever!
Body-contouring procedures are on the march today, and there’s a good reason for it. Abdominoplasty is among the most frequently performed aesthetic surgeries nowadays. This operation, flattening the tummy by abolishing extra fat and strengthening muscles in the abdominal wall, has undergone a compelling transformation over the course of past decades. It's safe and very effective.
Commonly referred to as a “tummy tuck”, abdominoplasty in Tehran is recommended for the following groups of patients:
• suffering from the post-delivery defects;
• exposed to excessive fat deposits and stretch marks in the abdomen;
• facing low effectiveness of sports training and diet therapy;
• with fatty deformity of the abdomen;
• afflicted by cellulite.

Types of tummy tuck in Iran

Tummy tuck in Tehran is carried out by highly professional doctors with years of experience behind. Best of the samamedtour clinic practices presuppose a combination of laser lipo and traditional abdominoplasty for the best effect:
1. Laser lipolysis – is a non-invasive method of liposculpture, known as a 'lunchtime treatment'. The laser effectively 'melts' subcutaneous fat deposits, removing so-called love handles, saddlebags, double chin and other 'rebellious' areas resistant to workouts and diets. This procedure is carried out with local anaesthetic and doesn't last longer than 2 hours. The period of rehabilitation takes 2 or 3 days only.
2. Abdominoplasty – a popular cosmetic surgery procedure, also known as a 'tummy tuck', frequently sought by patients who seek quick enhancement of the shape and tone in the abdominal area. This procedure is designed to remove excess skin and fat after pregnancy, traumatic injuries or extensive weight loss. The length of the surgery depends on the complexity of a specific case, and usually fluctuates between 40 minutes and 4 hours. Rehabilitation period averages out at 2-5 weeks.
We provide a full cycle health care and perform different types of tummy tuck procedures:
Medical center in Tehran offers best tummy tuck prices abroad and guarantees truly excellent service with outstanding results. We are trained to fulfill dreams about slim body with a temptingly flat belly!

The benefits tummy tuck in Tehran can bring you

High-quality abdominoplasty abroad can be surprisingly cheap! A couple of easy steps brings to life truly amazing changes, which even years of exhausting exercises cannot grant. The tummy tuck can:
• fix aesthetic abnormalities of abdomen, regardless to the causes (post-delivery changes, obesity, major weight loss, trauma, etc.);
• tighten muscles and improve their functionality;
• relieve structural defects in the abdominal area;
• get rid of a large apron of fat (so-called “pannus”), that can often lead to skin infection, chronic dermatitis, and other difficulties;
• remove unwanted scars and annoying stretch marks;
• built up a better appearance of the abdomen.

High efficiency and short period of recovery turn cheap tummy tuck abroad into an unparalleled type of body-contouring art, creating a perfect and healthy looking figure.
Things to do before abdominoplasty
It is an extremely individualised procedure, and our doctors design a unique action plan for each case. Overall, preparations before the surgery are quite simple. The clinic will handle most of the tasks, so patients can relax, stay happy and picture their soon-to-come new looks. There is only a couple of recommendations to keep in mind:
• to be as fit as possible at the time of operation (in order to speed up the recovery);
• get a full health check;
• inform our surgeons about the list of medications taken regularly;
• ideally - stop smoking at least two weeks prior to the surgery.
It is also a good idea to prepare your house before the makeover, placing all the objects you may need within arm’s reach and no higher than at eye level.
samamedtour surgeons will carefully assess your health condition and analyse specific needs before helping to make the right decision. The list of contraindications is fortunately short and limited to:
• intolerance to anesthesia;
• high risk of complications due to poor health condition (diabetes, infections, etc).
In other words, abdominoplasty in Iran is accessible for both men and women in good health. Once having stepped over the threshold of the clinic, our clients entrust their hopes and dreams to professionals with vast experience and impressive knowledge. In samamedtour we value operational excellence, safety and sense of security.

When should you postpone the procedure?

The surgery should be reconsidered and postponed if the patient is planning future pregnancies or a soon-to-come major weight loss. In this case it is highly advisable to consult with a doctor and come back to the issue of makeover afterwards.

Recovery after the tummy tuck

Whether having a complete tummy tuck or partial one, right after the procedure you will be bandaged with a special elastic band to ensure safety and proper healing. Your doctor will show the best positions for a faster recovery and advise you on other significant moments.
Like everywhere in the world, patterns of rehabilitation after the tummy tuck in Tehran depend on many factors:
• kind of treatment;
• scope of works and area covered;
• surgical techniques, etc.
Depending on these, recovery can take from a couple of days and up to a month. Patients are recommended to take a part of this time off from work. During this period, lifting of heavy objects and other strenuous activities should be avoided by all means. Apart from this, rehabilitation period does not need any special efforts or extra expenses.
The majority of patients feel tired and sleepy during the first couple of days, experiencing moderate pain. That is perfectly normal due to the nature of this procedure. However, no need to worry, as you will be prescribed painkillers and medications to reduce swelling and avoid any complications.
Our doctors always give clear and precise instructions on rehabilitation, delicately guiding patients through this important period. With proper care, our clients make fast progress, and the scars fade and heal.

Returning to daily life

Although a full recovery may take some time and efforts, patients generally feel very well, being excited with their new shapes. After all, the advantages of the procedure go far beyond the cosmetic. As any surgery, this one is a big commitment, both physical and emotional, but it pays dividends by good looks, boost of confidence, free choice of clothes and a number of other perks that the new slimmer figure brings.

Does insurance cover tummy tuck cost abroad?

Insurances usually do not cover cosmetic surgeries like this, no matter where they are carried out. That is why this procedure is often associated with high costs and big financial investments. However, that is not always the case! A top-grade tummy tuck abroad prices may be very different from what the price tags in your home country tell you. Check out the price list to become positively surprised!
Abdominoplasty in Iran is a cost-effective solution for your problem. samamedtour is a team of skilled professionals, providing a world-class service. That is an uncompromising alternative to expensive treatments, and our team is proud to uphold the reputation we have earned through years of dedicated work in this sphere.

Why choose Samamedtour clinic

Above all we value the trust of our clients and their wellbeing. Our team is honored to assist you on the way to a better life with dreams fulfilled. We always make sure to offer the best deals and provide first-class service. That’s what makes us really different:
• exceptional quality of the services with outstanding results;
• highly professional medical staff;
• reasonable prices, which make the surgery affordable;
• qualified guidance on every step of the way to perfection.

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact the clinic right away. Our consultants will be happy to assist, explain the specificity of procedures and even plan your trip to get a tummy tuck abroad. With Samamedtour, those longed-for perfect shapes are much closer than ever! We will do our best to ensure not only a great makeover experience, but your comfortable and pleasant stay in the beautiful city of Tehran, abundant in amazing views and places of interest.

Flat and firm tummy is worth being craved for. When sit-ups and diet do not have an effect you hope for, abdominoplasty steps in to make the changes happen

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