Bahman Hospital

Bahman Hospital with less than ten years of experience and adjoining the big and famous hospitals has been able to shine as a well-known medical center and brand of health.
Characteristics of Bahman Hospital
• Receiving a first degree evaluation certificate from the Ministry of Health and Medical Education
• Receiving a top hospital certificate in promoting normal vaginal delivery
• Selection of Bahman Hospital as Private Private Hospital of Physiological Delivery
• Identification of Bahman Hospital as Child Friendly Hospital
• Obtain a Certificate of Establishment of a Blood Care System (Hemovigilance System)
• Obtaining a one-year international patient admission certificate from the Ministry of Health and Medical Education
• Providing modern medical services internationally with large medical professors in the hospital
• Providing the most advanced paraclinical services with the latest technology in the world
• Accurate implementation of accreditation standards in a strict and accurate manner by employing skilled personnel and with the full cooperation of respected physicians and staff

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