Bahman Hospital

Bahman Hospital with less than ten years of experience and adjoining the big and famous hospitals has been able to shine as a well-known medical center and brand of health.
Characteristics of Bahman Hospital
• Receiving a first degree evaluation certificate from the Ministry of Health and Medical Education
• Receiving a top hospital certificate in promoting normal vaginal delivery
• Selection of Bahman Hospital as Private Private Hospital of Physiological Delivery
• Identification of Bahman Hospital as Child Friendly Hospital
• Obtain a Certificate of Establishment of a Blood Care System (Hemovigilance System)
• Obtaining a one-year international patient admission certificate from the Ministry of Health and Medical Education
• Providing modern medical services internationally with large medical professors in the hospital
• Providing the most advanced paraclinical services with the latest technology in the world
• Accurate implementation of accreditation standards in a strict and accurate manner by employing skilled personnel and with the full cooperation of respected physicians and staff

Hospital facilities and services

General Clinic
Bahman Hospital General Clinic has 5 examination rooms and one room for performing various procedures. Such as:
Procedures related to children and infants: including height, weight, breastfeeding, etc.
Orthopedic procedures: plastering, splints, etc.
At present, more than 10 specialized and sub-specialized fields in the heart clinic are engaged in pediatrics, pediatric surgery, general surgery, urology, plastic surgery, internal and gastrointestinal surgery, orthopedic surgery, neurosurgery, neurology, etc. They are service providers.

gynecology, ENT clinic
The gynecology, ENT clinic of Bahman Hospital has 2 examination rooms for gynecologists and 1 examination room with complete equipment for ENT specialists.
This clinic is one of the busiest parts of the hospital, despite being the largest and most famous gynecologist.

Heart Clinic
Bahman Hospital Heart Clinic has 7 examination rooms and 9 rooms for performing various procedures. Such as:
Cardiac procedures: echocardiography, ECG, exercise test, rhythm holter, pressure holter, pacemaker, TILT test, etc.
Neuroprocessors: Nerve and muscle tape (EMG NCV), brain tape (EEG), TCD, caldapler, etc.
Lung tests: PFT, DLCO, BODY BOX, MCT and ...
Video EEG unit and sleep test are also located in the heart clinic
There are currently 15 specialized and sub-specialized fields in the heart clinic including cardiologists, cardiovascular surgeons, pediatric cardiologists, lungs, neurologists, endocrinologists, internal and gastrointestinal specialists, pain, plastic surgeon, dermatologist, nephrologist, nutrition And ophthalmologists are providing services.

Wound clinic
Wound clinic services (prevention, treatment) with experienced experts under the management of Dr. Hossein Akhavan Zanjani, infectious disease specialist in Bahman specialized and sub-specialized hospital are as follows: Bed sores
Vascular ulcers
Diabetic foot ulcers
Infectious wounds and care of open surgical wounds
Treatment of scarring
Injuries resulting from accidents and trauma
Radiotherapy wounds
Malignant and cancerous wounds
Removal of keratoconus ulcers and heel calluses
Fix the nails
Remove cracks in the legs within 5 minutes with a cratorimual device

Pituitary Clinic
Bahman Hospital Pituitary Clinic has been set up to promote service, diagnosis, treatment and better follow-up of patients with pituitary tumors and is ready to accept patients with pituitary gland disorders, including growth hormone (Acromegaly), increase in cortisol (Cushing Dis.), Increased hormone prolactin (Prolactinoma) and other disorders related to the function of the pituitary gland, as well as people with pituitary tumors.


Address: Bahman Hospital, North Zamin St., Iran, Gharb Town, Tehran

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