Atieh Hospital

In 2007, the idea of establishing a private hospital in Tehran to treat patients and patients with orthopedic problems was put forward by Dr. Khalil Alizadeh, an orthopedic and hand surgery specialist.
He had previously received written approval from the Ministry of Health to set up a statutory facility for the establishment of a limited surgical center called Tehran Hand Surgery Center, in a written letter requesting that the center be transformed into a specialized hospital, which he agreed to. Atieh Hospital is an area of 4300 square meters with an approximate area of 24000 square meters with 12 floors.
The hospital started operating on February 15, 1998 with the aim of providing prompt and appropriate services in all medical fields. Managers, physicians, nurses, and other staff of the hospital, collectively called the Atiyeh family, have focused on improving the satisfaction of their patients and clients and have continued to pursue these principles to date


• Intensive care units: including General ICU, ICUOH, CCU, Post CCU, Post ICU, Post OR (Sahar).
• Surgery units: including Homa, Ofogh, and Saba units. • Obs and Gynae: including Milad, Mehr, and delivery room.
• Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU).
• Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU): divided into Ghazal 1 and Ghazal 2 units.
• Chemotherapy units: including Mahtab and Pegah units.
• Internal units: including Rose and Yas units.
• Neurology (Bahar unit)
• Operating rooms: including Dr. Amiri, Sadaf, and Milad operating rooms.
• Outpatient departments: including Angiography, pre-op preparations (Sadaf), Emergency, and Hemodialysis.
• Para-clinics and diagnosis departments: including Endoscopy, Pathology lab, Physiotherapy, CT Scan, MRI, Radiology.


• VIP services
• High-speed internet service
• Long-term follow-up after treatment
• Taxi service
• Easy access to currency exchange office
• Payment in dollars accepted
• Arab and Kurdish-speaking nurses
• Issuance of medical summary reports and bills in English upon request • Restaurant
• Cafeteria
• Drug Store
• Greenspace
• Coffee shop
• Supermarket
• Parking lot

positioning of hospital

The positioning of the hospital gives the patients the chance of having easy access to main highways of Tehran while being benefitted from clean healthy air.
Over 200 specialized doctors in different fields of surgery with advanced laboratories and complete imaging facilities are at patients’ service 24 hours a day.
Atieh hospital is a completely private establishment where ministry of health and medical educations has constant supervision on its services and has presented this hospital with their Grade A evaluation license every year so far.
Atieh family by believing in the necessity of benefiting from continuous training in all fields, have tried to improve their knowledge in all aspects of their services by means of training courses in or outside the country.


Address: Ghods Town (West), Farahzadi Boulevard, Shahid Dadman Intersection

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